Bellon Mit

Bellon Mit, thanks to its flexibility, attention to customer needs and the continuous development of its product range, has been present for over thirty years in national and international markets. Today it is one of the leading companies in the international market for the production of equipment applicable to compact tractors operating in the agricultural field thanks to the wide range of mowers, mulchers, lawnmowers, cutters with the possibility of customization according to the user's needs. the final. Parallel to the line dedicated to agricultural use, the constant permanence and growth of the market in the international field have created the possibility of developing a new line of products dedicated to the municipal sector, brushing machines and snow blades, applicable not only to compact tractors but also to tractors. and telescopic handlers. With this full range of machines, work measures, optional, we can offer a safe solution in all those situations where the need for cleaning sediments, dirt varies, moreover with the onset of the first snowfalls, it is also essential for the safety of users. (road cleaning, squares, farms, etc ...). The desire for business and market growth contributes every day to the search for professionalism and constant improvement. For these reasons, BELLON Mit is combining historical strengths of design and production (gear units made entirely inside) with new and increasingly modern working systems, with cutting-edge numerical control operating machines, technical office with design 3D, research and loyalty of 1st quality external collaborators and a well-stocked spare parts warehouse to give maximum assistance to our customers.